Movie studios, planetariums, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others may participate in the Minsk International Fulldome Festival (МIFF) if they hold the copyright on the submitted films.

Those who wish to participate in the festival must submit an application by September 3, 2019 and register their work using the online form (applications will be accepted during the summer of 2019). Early registration is very much appreciated.

MIFF organizers reserve the right to approve or reject an application for the show after consideration. The selection of the most interesting works will be carried out according to such criteria as plot, script, graphic and sound design, technical implementation, originality, overall contribution to the artistic, innovative and technical development of fulldome cinema.

All registered film producers who have successfully passed the selection will be officially notified on September 5, 2019. Authors will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please pay attention to the Festival Regulations and deadlines:
Submission's date of application:    September 3, 2019
Date of participation confirmation:  September 5, 2019
Delivery's date of films:                     October 1, 2019

The festival provides an opportunity to hold presentations, seminars, workshops on astronomy and fulldome. If you have a proposal for special event, please send your application by 25th September, 2019. A confirmation of the inclusion of your event in the MIFF programme will be sent to you on October 2, 2019 by e-mail.

MIFF contacts:
Minsk Planetarium
2, Frunze Str., Minsk, 220034, Republic of Belarus
Tel. + 375 17 294 33 64


If you plan to visit the festival and personally present your film, please read the useful information below.
If you still have questions on the organization of your trip to our festival, do not hesitate to ask:

About us

Minsk Planetarium
2, Frunze Str., Minsk, 220034, Republic of Belarus (Gorky Park)
+375 17 294 33 64
Our contacts:
Tatiana (eng) +375 29 779 43 28
Alexander +375 29 707 18 03
Olga +375 44 516 56 35

Conditions of staying at the Festival

The registration fee for one participant is 10 BYN (approximately 4€).

Organized meals (breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, a buffet for the whole festival’s period) are paid separately 100 BYN (approximately 40€).

Travel and accommodation is paid by the Festival’s participants by themselves.


The visa-free regime  is established for short-term entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus for citizens of many countriesAlso visa-free visits of the country are provided subject to entry through the state border checkpoint National Airport Minsk for a period not exceeding 30 days for citizens of 74 countries. The term of visa-free stay is calculated in calendar days: the first day corresponds to the date of arrival, the last day coincides with the date of departure (regardless of the time of arrival and/or departure).

To enter the visa-free regime with you it is necessary to have:
- Passport or another document for traveling abroad, replacing the Passport; 
- Monetary amount in calculation 49 Belarusian rubles (BYN) for each day of stay in the country or the equivalent amount in currency (≈ 25$, ≈ 20€);
- A medical insurance policy worth at least 10,000€, operating in Belarus. Foreign citizens can buy insurance policy upon arrival at the airport. The insurance office is open 24/7. Approximate cost of insurance for 4 days is 4€;
- Additionally for citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa: multiple entry visa of EU or Schengen states with a note on entry into their territory and air tickets with confirmation of departure from the National Airport Minsk within 30 days from the date of entry. 

Visas in Belarus are issued by the following bodies:
- Consular sections of Belarus;
- Diplomatic Representative offices of Belarus;
- Consular Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Minsk Airport (for nationals of countries without Belarusian representative offices).
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus provides up-to-date and detailed information on the procedure for issuing visas and a regularly updated list of consular fees.
Do not forget, please, check the visa requirements on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus.

Terms of baggage transportation upon entering the country
Travellers are allowed to take up to 50 kg of personal luggage with them to Belarus, up to a value of 1,500€. Any items in addition to this are subject to duty at 30% and not less than 4€ per kilo.
How much money can you take into Belarus?
There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that you can take with you into Belarus. You must declare amounts over 10,000$ when entering Belarus on the declaration form. It is much easier to carry money in credit card. In this case declaration is not necessary, even if the amount exceeds the limit of 10,000$.
Is it allowed to take alcohol and cigarettes into Belarus?
Alcohol and beer are allowed in an amount of not more than 3 liters per one individual who has reached the age of 18 years. You can also carry 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco, or these products in an assortment of a total weight of not more than 250 grams. For each liter of «extra» alcohol you will have to pay 10€, but not more than 5 liters.
More information about the customs restrictions is available at the website of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

How to get to Belarus

By plane
If you are value your time and comfort, then flight to Belarus is what you need. This is the fastest and perhaps most convenient way to travel. The main stream of tourists arrives at Minsk National Airport. It is located 42 km from the city center.

How to get to and from the airport?
The most convenient way to get from it to the city is by bus, the next route is 300Э. For 3.71 BYN, you quickly and without a transfer will reach the center in about 1 hour. The same amount of time will be taken by train, however, it travels much less often than a bus. If you want to leave the airport by car and do not go broke, use the services of an official taxi. In total, for 4 BYN (≈ 2$), fixed-route taxis No. 1400-TK; №1430-TК will take you to the city center in 45 minutes. Minibuses are sent daily on a schedule every 20-30 minutes. Passengers are boarded at the National Airport Minsk near the exit from the airport building on the first floor (Sector 5-6). Boarding passengers at the bus station «Centralny» - on the platform № 2 (disembarkation - at the entrance to the departure lounge on the 2 nd floor of the airport). You can pay for the ticket in cash from the bus driver, buy online or at the ticket office of the bus station.
You can order an taxi in the tourist pavilions of the 5th-6th sectors on the 1st floor of the arrival hall. The taxi rank is located in front of the 5th and 6th sectors of the terminal building. It will take about 30-40 minutes to get to Minsk.
You can also order the official transfer service of the National Airport Minsk (anywhere in Minsk) by dialing the short number 7373. For the convenience of passengers on the forecourt of the airport organized the work of paid protected Parking with 138 and 1235 parking places. Moreover, there is a possibility to rent a car.

By train
Rail transport is one of the most reliable and affordable options for travel. You can come to Belarus by train from almost any major city of Europe and CIS.
The Minsk train station with good infrastructure and range of services for passengers is located in the very center of the city (at Privokzalnaya square, 3), so you can leave without any problems by metro, bus, trolley, tram or taxi.
Telephone for information – 105. Reservation of seats on trains – 151.
Passenger transport provides the Belarusian railroad. Check the schedule and purchase tickets on the Internet and at ticket offices at the stations.

By bus
Bus trips to Minsk are popular with amateurs to save money or people who are well tolerated by long distance travel by road. International buses arrive at the Minsk Central Bus Station. Its terminal is located in the city center, 300 m from the train station, at Bobruyskaya St., 6.
Centralized reference service – 114.
In the ticket hall of the bus station «Centralny» is installed and operated information terminal and a terminal for buying tickets. In the waiting room works cafeteria, exchange office, ATM. At the bus station «Centralny» organized the work of the international box office.
For the convenience of passengers tickets for domestic and international buses can be purchased online.
Near the bus station «Centralny» is situated large shopping center «Galileo», which offers over 60 shops, a supermarket, a cinema, fast food restaurant McDonald's, 5 restaurants, one of which can be snack after a long journey, and more.

By car
Belarus is situated at the crossroads between East and West. And if a fascinating journey you have linked with the highway, then why not to come to Belarus on your own car. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the roads. In your journey you can admire the beautiful nature from the windows.
The territory of Belarus is crossed by two TRANS European transport corridors: the number II (East – West) and number IX (North – South) with a branch IXВ. The public roads network reaches 51 547 km (32 219 miles), mostly there are paved roads.
In Belarus all the roads have right-hand traffic. Also there are road signs and traffic rules of the international sample.
It is important to know that the country has a national electronic system of charging tolls on toll roads named BelToll. This allows road users to pay fares without stopping the vehicles in the collection of payment. At total of pay lines are 1 189 km of roads in the country.
If you travel by car, you need to buy an international auto insurance policy, the so-called «Green Card» («Driver's note»).

To get the information about the schedule of the railway transportation you can by calling the number 105, air flights – 106, bus stations – 114.


In Minsk, there is a wide choice of hotels, hostels and apartments for one day. We can recommend to you those who are within walking distance of the Planetarium in Minsk.
The «President-Hotel»*****  (18, Kirova Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220030; reservation: +375 17 229-70-03, +375 44 774-77-01) is the largest five-star hotel complex, located in the historical part of the capital of Belarus Minsk and  five minutes away fr om Independence Avenue. The name of the hotel gives a guarantee of high quality to all visitors. This hotel was specially prepared to adopt right honorable guests, that’s why every person, who stays there can feel yourself like a real aristocrat.
The hotel «President-Hotel» is located:
1.5 km from train station
1.5 km from the bus station «Centralny»
43,3 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1 km from the Minsk Planetarium (12 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Kupalovskaya» is in 280 m
the nearest public transport stop «BSU Lyceum» is in 420 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates:  53°53′58″N, 27°33′56″E

Hotel «Europe»***** (28, Internatsionalnaya Str, Minsk, Belarus, 220030; reservation: +375 17 229-83-39) is located in the historical and cultural center of the capital and has a long and authentic history. During its long life many famous people stayed here including Mark Shagal, Vladimir Mayakovsky. This is the first atrium-type hotel in Belarus.
The hotel «Europe» is located:
2 km from the train station
2 km from the bus station «Centralny»
43 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,4 km from the Minsk Planetarium (18 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Oktyabrskaya» is in 400 m
the nearest public transport stop «Svobody Square» is in 150 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°54′10″N, 27°33′25″E

Hotel Crowne Plaza Minsk***** (13, Kirova Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220030; reservation: +375 17 200-93-53) is part of the largest international hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group, which owns more than 5,000 hotels in more than hundred countries around the world. Crowne Plaza Minsk is located in the heart of the capital, not far from the largest shopping and business centers of the city.
Hotel «Crowne Plaza Minsk» is located:
840 m from the train station
730 m from the bus station «Centralny»
43,5 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,8 km from the Minsk Planetarium (22 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Lenin Square» is in 720 m
the nearest public transport stop «Mikhailovsky park» is in 350 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°53′43″N, 27°33′18″E

The Beijing hotel***** (36, Krasnoarmeiskaya Str, Minsk, Belarus, 220030; administrator: +375 17 329-77-77) is a modern business class hotel that belongs to a rapidly developing chain of Chinese hotels BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts. The hotel is located in a picturesque park area on the banks of the Svisloch River. The architecture of the hotel is a combination of elements from Chinese and Western traditions.
The hotel «Beijing» is located:
2 km from the train station
2 km from the bus station «Centralny»
44 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,8 km from the Minsk Planetarium (22 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Pervomayskaya» is in 710 m
the nearest public transport stop «Lenina Street» is in 540 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°53′32″N, 27°34′43″E

Hotel Minsk**** (11, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, Belarus, 220005; reservation: +375 17 209-90-62, +375 17 209-90-75, +375 17 209-90-78, +375 17 209-90-80, +375 17 209-90-07) adequately maintains reputation in the sphere of hotel services of the country and constantly improves forms and methods of service of guests.
Hotel «Minsk» is located:
0,7 km from the train station
1 km from the bus station «Centralny»
43,4 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,9 km from the Minsk Planetarium (23 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Lenin Square» is in 370 m
the nearest public transport stop «Volodarskogo Street» is in 150 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°89′67″N, 27°55′04″E

Garni Hotel*** (11, Internatsionalnaya Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220030; reception: +375 17 229-76-00) is a architectural monument in the eclectic style of the 19th century, and its interiors are also executed in the spirit of that time.
Garni Hotel is located:
1,5 km from the train station
1,8 km from the bus station «Centralny»
43,1 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,6 km from the Minsk Planetarium (20 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Nemiga» is in 500 m
the nearest public transport stop «Svobody Square» is in 190 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°90′21″N, 27°55′48″E

On the bank of the river Svisloch is the hotel «Zhuravinka»*** (25, Yanka Kupala Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220030; reservation: +375 17 328-69-13).
Нotel «Zhuravinka» is located:
2 km from the train station
2,4 km from the bus station «Centralny»
42,5 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1 km from the Minsk Planetarium (13 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Oktyabrskaya» is in 400 m
the nearest public transport stop «Oktyabrskaya» is in 400 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°90′54″N, 27°56′16″E

The two-star hotel «40 let Pobedy» ** (3, Azgur Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220088; reservation: +375 17 263 79 63; +375 25 600 30 13) surprises the guests of Minsk with its hospitality. Conveniently located in the city center.
Hotel «40 let Pobedy» is located:
2,4 km from the train station
2,4 km from the bus station «Centralny»
42,4 km from the National airport «Minsk»
1,2 km from the Minsk Planetarium (15 min. on foot)
Public transport:
the nearest metro station «Pobedy Square» is in 1,1 km
the nearest public transport stop «Zakharova» is in 500 m
By car:
Geographical coordinates: 53°90′07″N, 27°58′07″E

How to get to the Minsk Planetarium

The Minsk Planetarium is located in the city center (stops: metro station «Victory Square», Gorky Central Park) and within walking distance from many city hotels. The public transport network in Minsk is well developed: metro, trams, trolleybuses and buses run quite often. You can buy tickets for ground public transport in specialized kiosks, at the ticket offices of the subway or at the driver in a bus, at the bus stops. The cost of one trip is 0.60-0.65 BYN. When you travel around the city, you can also take a taxi (short numbers for calling a taxi: 7788, 135, 152). Near the Planetarium (in front of the entrance to the park and along Frunze Street) there is a limited number of parking spaces.


The only legal means of payment in Belarus is the Belarusian ruble (BYN). You will not be able to pay by other currency. The approximate exchange rate is 1€ ≈ 2.46 BYN, 1$ ≈ 2,13 BYN. ATMs can be found everywhere, and most shops accept all international credit cards.


Several restaurants, cafes and public catering facilities are available within walking distance of the Planetarium, in the park and near it.


Before you go to our festival, pack an umbrella, warm clothes and waterproof shoes. November is the coldest month of autumn in Belarus. It's cool, cloudy and sometimes rainy .The average daytime temperature is +5°C (41°F), at night -2°C (28°F). On some days the temperature may warmed up to +9°C (48°F) and cooled to -5°C (23°F).


We speak Russian and Belarusian, but more often you will hear a Russian speech. A lot of us can also speak English. We recommend you to speak slowly and pay attention to clear pronunciation. Your hands and body language will surely be helpful.


Belarus is a very quiet and peaceful republic but when you are going to visit any country you need to know where to go or call in case of emergency.
All visitors of our country must have medical insurance. If you are sick and need medical aid urgently you need to call either the telephone of your insurance company mentioned in the medical insurance policy or dial the telephone number of the Ambulance (emergency medical care) which is 103.
If you found yourself in a strange situation, you are a witness or a victim of a crime you need to call the Police telephone number which is 102.
About the fire you can inform calling the telephone number 101.