MIFF regulations


Minsk International Fulldome Festival (MIFF) is held by the Minsk Planetarium and the Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth (hereinafter – the Organizer).


II Minsk International Fulldome Festival will be held in Minsk (the Republic of Belarus) in October 18 - 20, 2019. The Festival is a competitive event.

Aims and objectives of the Festival:
– to popularize fulldome cinema , to form its high social, cultural and educational status, to disclose the cinematographic and educational potential of the Planetarium;
– to popularize creative achievements of Belarusian and foreign fulldome content creators , to get acquainted viewers with the best fulldome films of the last two years, noted at fulldome international film festivals and highly appreciated by filmmakers and spectators;
– to develop creative contacts, to expand and strengthen cultural ties, to promote the exchange of experience and ideas between festival participants from different countries;
– to attach and involve Belarusian fulldome filmmakers, to activate their creative potential; to cooperate and assist the production of original fulldome films for planetariums;
– to increase interest in creating modern studios for the production of educational, popular scientific, artistic media content for planetariums;
– to evaluate, promote and support the most interesting works, talented authors and creative teams.

The programme of MIFF consist of popular scientific documentaries, animated full-length (16 – 50 mins) and short (1 – 15 mins) film.


The Festival Programme includes:
– Popular scientific documentary fulldome films competition;
– Animated fulldome films competition;
– Short fulldome films competition;

– Creative meetings with the fulldome filmmakers;
– Experts' workshops and specialists' presentations working with modern technologies of fulldome cinema;
– Exhibitions of astrophotography, exposition of movie posters and modern cinema technologies.


Those who wish to participate in the festival must submit an application by 3th September, 2019 and register their work using the online form (applications will be accepted during the summer of 2019). Early registration is very much appreciated.
Reception of applications and selection of films for participation in the competitive (or out-of-competition) programme of the Festival is free of charge. The number of films provided by one participant is unlimited.
When registering a film for the Festival, the рarticipant confirms that he is acquainted with these Regulations. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all articles of this Regulation.
All candidates must provide a preview of the film with a lower resolution. The material should be designed to assess the content, technical quality and artistic implementation.
For registration, participants must provide the following information:
– The title of the film, the production (company, website, e-mail, logo) and authors of the film (director, scriptwriter, producer), country, the year of release, exact duration of the show;
– Script in English and/or Russian in the electronic version;
– Link to the preview of the movie (preferably in Russian or English) in video format with a resolution of 1K to 2K. Alternatively, DomeMaster is accepted with the sound file. Videos must be provided in the form of downloads;
– Promotional materials and press materials (synopsis, poster, trailer in 2 versions – fulldome and for the Internet, frames in digital format, information about the filmmakers and awards, photos, including a photo of the director);
– Names of participants who can personally present the film at the Festival, their phone numbers and e-mail.


In the Documentary (Science Focus) fulldome films competition, up to 12 full-length films are played, duration from 16 to 50 minutes, created around the globe in the last two year.
In the Animated fulldome films competition, up to 12 full-length films from around the world are taking part for a children's and youth audience, duration from 16 to 50 minutes, created in the last two year.
In the Short fulldome films competition, feature, documentary and animated films and shows, duration from 1 to 15 minutes, created around the globe in the last two year.
The competitions accept films in the digital format Fulldome.
Programme director at its discretion may include in the Festival’s contest programme films with a longer duration and earlier production, if it considers that they will improve Festival’s programme.
The decision on the number of films participating in the competition programs is taken by the Festival Organizer. The order of the competitive demonstration of the films is determined by the Festival Organizer.

Materials for competitions must meet the following requirements:

– The video sequence is provided as a sequence of fulldome (180° field in equidistant projection) master frames (DomeMaster (EDVA) in the RGB color model with a color depth of 24 bits.) Master files are sequentially numbered starting at 0 or 1. The number is assigned to the file name after the underscore character "_", only lowercase and uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet and an underscore as a separator are allowed in file names, for example, "MyWork_00000.png";
– The orientation of the master frames corresponds to the orientation of the dome of the classical planetarium:
center of the frame = zenith,
bottom of the frame = south = front sector of the dome,
top of frame = north = rear sector of dome,
left = east = left sector,
right = west = right sector;
– Resolution: 2K (2048 x 2048 pixels), 3K (3072 x 3072 pixels);
– Picture format: PNG, in the maximum quality JPG; the use of TIF, TGA, BMP, etc. formats is not allowed;
– Frame rate: 30fps;
60 fps, 29,97 fps, 25fps, 24 fps is not allowed;
– Sound: 5.1 surround (L / R / C /  LFE / Ls / Rs) in AC3 or WAV format, 16-bit, 48 kHz, stereo in uncompressed WAV format is allowed. The name of the audio file is identical to the name of the master file ("MyWork.wav"). For synchronization, the sound must begin with the first frame.
The Organizer can request a film in the best quality.

Demonstration copies of films participating in the Festival Contest must be in English and Russian, if available.
Films will be displayed through the 4-channel Fulldome.pro system with a resolution of 3K. The sound will be presented 5.1 surround or in stereo format. It is possible to show films with Russian or English subtitles.
All materials are provided as links for downloading via the Internet. Large files are better divided into several archives (up to 50 GB in size). Also, they must be transmitted through a special resource, which allows the file to be downloaded at any time (with the possibility of pausing).

In the cover letter, you must specify:
– Title of the film, exact duration of the show in a format 00:00;
– Frame rate, number of frames;
– Sound specification: channels, format, sample rate, bit rate;
– Аny information on specs different from the requests above.

Festival Organizer is not responsible for damage to materials sent by participants to the Festival.


The festival provides an opportunity to hold presentations, seminars, workshops on astronomy and fulldome (production, technology, applications, marketing, products, including VR / AR). The duration of the performance should not exceed 30 minutes.
The festival offers a limited space for photo exhibitions and expositions of technologies and fulldome cinema content available to other participants and visitors of the Festival.
If you have a proposal for an special event, leave the application by 25th September, 2019. A confirmation of the inclusion of your event in the MIFF program will be sent to you on October 2, 2019 by e-mail.
The organizer of the Festival has the right to choose events from all proposals and determine the appropriate time intervals for the conduct.


All producers of fulldome (movie studios, planetariums, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others) can participate in the Festival from any country, if they hold the copyright on the submitted films.
MIFF participants confirm that they are the owners of all rights to use and distribute the film show (including images and sound) and guarantee that they do not violate copyright and other rights of third parties.

The Festival ‘s organizer is not liable in case of claims to it from third parties regarding the rights to the film. The participant who provided this film, assumes the responsibility for the resolution of all claims of third parties related to the use of materials provided by the Participant.

Participating in the Festival, the copyright owner agrees:
– To use the materials provided for the competitive display within the Festival without payment of the author's fee;
– To the public presentation of the film in a competitive show with the possible participation of representatives of the creative group (each film can be shown during the festival no more than three times);
– On the presentation of film’s episodes or trailer on television, on the official website of MIFF and other promotional materials of the Festival;
– On the use of frames from the film in promotional materials MIFF (catalogs, advertising brochures, on sites, in multimedia presentations, etc.);
– To use the name, surname, photos and video images of the Festival participant for promotional purposes without their prior consent and without any monetary payments;
– To grant the Festival Organizer free of charge and unlimitedly the following rights in relation to his film (work): reproduction of the work; public display of the original or copies of the work; translation of the work into another language (creation of Russian or English subtitles); other possible ways of using the work.

MIFF organizers reserve the right to approve or reject an application for the show after consideration. The selection of the most interesting works will be carried out according to such criteria as plot, script, graphic and sound design, technical implementation, originality, overall contribution to the artistic, innovative and technical development of fulldome cinema.
The organizers of the MIFF will notify the authors of the films, that were selected, on 5th September, 2019. All registered producers will receive confirmation by e-mail. The original film must be submitted to the Organizer before October 1, 2019.
The program for the screenings of films at the Festival is formed and determined by the Festival Organizer. The organizer has the right to display films selected in the contest program during the entire period of the Festival. Each film can be shown no more than three times during the Festival.
Films Participation in the competition programs of the Festival provides for the presence representatives of the competitive film, indicated in the application form, which will have free access to all the programs of the festival.
Travel, food and accommodation at the expense of the participants of the Festival. Additional conditions for the guests of the Festival are in their personal invitations.

  1. JURY

Professional Independent Jury of Cinematographers (consisting of three to five people) is created for the evaluation of fulldome films and shows presented in all competitions of the Festival.
The festival jury consists of experts invited by the Festival Organizer. The jury can not include people who participated in the creation or commercial rental of films shown in contests.


The films of the contest programme are evaluated by the audience and the professional jury.

The MIFF awards are distributed by the decision of the Professional Independent Jury of Cinematographers in the following nominations:
– Prize «For the best documentary fulldome film»;
– Prize «For the best animation fulldome film»;
– Prize «For the best short fulldome film».
Prize decisions of the jury are final and can not be challenged. Participants or any other party can not interfere with the work of the jury and review the jury's decision. The decision of the professional jury on the selection of winners will be published on the official website.

The spectators of the Festival are evaluated films presented in all competitive programmes. By calculating the rating points exhibited by the spectators of the Festival, the winner of the Audience Award is determined.

The winners of the Festival will be announced and awarded at the closing ceremony of the Festival. The jury awards the Festival Laureates with diplomas and memorable prizes, which can be supported by sponsorship prizes. Awards can be awarded with a prize fund or not, depending on the available funds at the time of the Festival. Companies, organizations and individuals have the right to donate special awards, including prize money.
It is assumed that the prizewinners will personally participate in the Awards Ceremony and show the best films.


Participation in MIFF shall presume observation of all articles of the present Regulations. In case of any disputes which may arise out of the present Regulations, only the Russian-language variant of the present Regulations is considered authentic.
The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to this Regulation throughout the Festival.
At the Organizer’s discretion Festival’s deadlines of the can be changed. At the same time, information on changing the timing of the Festival is published on the official website.


2, Frunze Str., Minsk, 220034, Republic of Belarus
Tel.+ 375 17 294 33 64
E-mail: minskfulldomefestival@gmail.com
Official site: www.planetarium.by