Фев 28

MIFF 2019 will show fulldome films by the Belarusian students

MIFF 2019 will show fulldome films by the Belarusian students The first Minsk international fulldome festival became an important stage in development of immersive visualization in our country. Establishing collaboration with young authors and students in creation of new films became one of serious achievements of MIFF 2018. It means that our festival started performance […]

Фев 22

MIFF 2019 dates determined

MIFF 2019 dates determined MINSK INTERNATIONAL FULLDOME FESTIVAL 2019 The II Minsk international fulldome festival will take place on October 18 — 20, 2019 , where the best movies created in the different countries of the world for the last two years will be shown. If you want to participate, please read the regulations, conditions of […]

Дек 4

In the 2020th we will go to the Moon!

In the 2020th we will go to the Moon! On the day of the end of the spectacular fulldome movie holiday MIFF 2018, we made a general photo of the participants, which neither more nor less will fly to the Moon. The group of researchers of AMF fund (Arch Mission Foundation) together with the Microsoft […]

Ноя 24


VIDEO REPORT MIFF 2018 ВИДЕООТЧЕТ MIFF 2018 All video can be download on the link. Все видео можно скачать по ссылке. Video by operators Ekaterina Shoshitishvili, Victor Zaykovsky, montage Olga Gabrus. Видео: операторы Екатерина Шошитайшвили, Виктор Зайковский, монтаж Ольга Габрусь. Coverage in the Belarusian media Освещение в белорусских СМИ

Ноя 21


 Photo report from the 1st Minsk International Fulldome Festival 2018 The 1st international festival in Minsk Planetarium brought its participants and guests a lot of bright emotions. We watched 28 wonderful films and discussed interesting and important issues of the development of fulldome cinema. We remember how it was, and look forward to new meetings! […]

Ноя 6

Tour on the universe: the 1st minsk international fulldome festival took place in planetarium

TOUR ON THE UNIVERSE: THE 1ST MINSK INTERNATIONAL FULLDOME FESTIVAL TOOK PLACE IN PLANETARIUM The festival days that lasted from 2 to 4 November were very intense and exciting. Filmmakers, producers, artists, and businessmen from Russia, Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and the United States met in Minsk Planetarium. We discussed the important issues […]

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November 4, 2018 the first Minsk International Fulldome Festival completed its work. During three bright and rich festival days were shown more than 25 best films from different countries of the world. All works of competition programme were evaluated by spectators’ vote and by our independent Professional jury, which included prominent scientists and artists: – Maxim […]

Окт 25

Registration for seminar «Fulldome: immersion into visual space» is opened

Registration for seminar «Fulldome: immersion into visual space» is opened On the festival Saturday our bright and rich MIFF programme will be decorated with a very interesting and extraordinary even – seminar on the theme «Fulldome: immersion into visual space». Several speakers will speak for you at once – these are our distinguished guests of the festival: — Diana […]

Окт 24

We announce the Professional MIFF Jury

We announce the Professional MIFF Jury It’s time to get acquainted with the members of the Professional jury of the 1st Minsk International Fulldome Festival (MIFF). Nominees for screenwriting, directorial representation, visual and sound design, scientific and educational significance, technical implementation, originality and overall contribution to the artistic and innovative development of the fulldome cinema […]